101 Games for Golf
 My Practice and Performance Diary (98 pages) $12.95

There is nothing in this game of golf that can’t be improved upon if you practice. —Patty Berg

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The Diary has two sections to help you document your golf game. The first is devoted to keeping a record of your practice sessions. While it works best if completed with your instructor, it can also be an effective tool to record and document golf tips and drills you have found. The second section contains a variety of self-evaluation exercises you can use to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each part of your golf game.

Here is a partial list of the contents…
  • How to practice for improvement.
  • How to Use Your Practice Log
    • Full Swing Practice
    • Putting Practice
    • Chipping and Pitching Practice
    • Other Practice
  • My Swing Evaluations
    • Putting
    • Chipping
    • Pitching
    • Bunker
    • Full Swing
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